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American Saanen

DOB: 4-27-09

Linear Appraisal:
2 y.o.  VEVV 88 
4 y.o. VEVE 89 

2-00 299 3947 113 2.9% 108 2.7% NSBA GOLD SEAL 99th Percentile Elite
2-11 305 3951 102 2.6% 107 2.7% Missing Top Ten by 39lb.

17th out of 27 3 y.o.’s at 2012 Nationals!!

     SS: ++*B Sherry's Pharoh Innovator
Sire: SGCH Sherry's Inov Renovator LA-92 #1 on Sire Summary!
     SD: Sherry's MT Brenna 4*M

     DS: GCH +*B Caprikorn Judge's Kruggerrand
Dam: SG Caprikorn Krug's Stargate 1*M
     DD: Two-Ceders Mandella

The pride of the herd.

ZTARTREK excels her in style and sharpness and vigor. It’s hard to say who is best. ZTARTREK’S mammary is close to perfect with the exception that the teats point a little forward. BUYERS TIP: Next time you have your pick between litter sisters- if you are breeding for milk- take the one that runs around the most.

ZTARTREK – you have to wonder what ZTARTREK would REALLY have milked if we hadn’t hauled her out to Colorado and back for the National Show. Also, a better dry period.

“ZTARTREK has perhaps the most impressive rear udder arch I have seen on any doe, in any breed. And tight toes.”-Ben Rupchis ZTARTREK’s 2013 Buck was bought for $3,400.

To be Bred to BLUE STAR, Fall of 2014.


Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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