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2016 Goats to Note
Some of our top milkers: Cheyenne 5*M, Flair 2*M, Extra Aloha, 6*M, Eclair 4*M. Reserve a kid early from one of our best producing milkers.


2014 Goats to Note
Caprikorn Farms Does - Ztartrek, Bar Exam, Cassiopiea, Bolivia.


2013 Goats to Note
Caprikorn Farms Does - Bolivia, Babka, Baja, Balex, Bilex, Bernardini, Bar Exam, Bahkti, Blanca, Lt. Ayala, Alex.


2012 Goats to Note
Caprikorn Farms produces some of the best milking dairy goats in the country.


2010 Goats to Note
Showcasing our finest dairy goats from 2010.

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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